Hara Samadhi bridges the East and West as it lures listeners into an imaginary, trance-like soundscape garnished with modern samples. Guest musicians versed in Sitar, Tabla, Bansuri are invited to participte when the opportunity presents itself. The Hara Samadhi Ensemble is a german - indian fusionproject of  3 - 5 brilliant musicians from Germany and  India. The musicians will play and improvise pieces based on indian Ragas. The compositions were written by violinist Alexander Meyen and are based on Alap, Raga, and Tala – principles of classical Indian music. Hara Samadhi is world and jazz music at its finest, with a pinch of oriental and asian spice tossed into the mix.

Alexander  Meyen- 5 String India Violin, Mellotron, Loops

Anette Maye - Clarinette, Bassclarintte

Andreas Süsterhenn - Drums, Percussion

Conrad Noll - Contrabass



HARA(from Zen Buddhism) is the center of life, based in the belly, a site of strength and intuition, as well as calming serenity

SAMADHI (Sanskrit, समाध) means immersion, collectivity, and denotes a state of consciousness that transcends being awake, dreaming, and deep sleep.

Raga presents the basic melodic structure of music. It determines which sounds fit a particular piece of music. Alap is the opening section of a typical Indian classical performance, it is the gradual exposition of melodic material and consists only of the prelude of the ascending and descending scale of Raga, with its typical ornamentation. The notes of the Raga are played individually and rhythmically during improvisation such that listeners are tuned into the cultivated sound system. Finally, Tala provides the cyclical, repeating rhythmic structure, which alongside the concept Raga, determines the melodic composition of the fundamental principles of Indian music.

Website: www.harasamadhi.de (in German)

Contact: Alexander Meyen, info@violalex.de

D-51103 Cologne, Eythstr. 85

Tel: 00491748184647 or 00492219851984


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